Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The Project Manager

I looked for some IDEs and thought that a good way to represent the project manager is the way that Mono Developer and Visual Studio do this stuff: a window to show "Solutions" and other to show classes from the selected solution.

I did a mockup of this just to put here:

As you can see, the top window will be made using a ctags database that will be generated as we create/expand our project.

Now, the bottom window will contain all of our "solutions" that are nothing more than our projects. This windows must be created and controlled by our own plugin.


Ni said...

Is it real plugin?

Thiago Alves said...

Will be, I just finish the reading of an excellent book about Vim and that gave me a lot of ideas. If you follow up the blog you'll see how this will follow!

fran├žois said...

Have you look at winwkspaceexplorer


maybe it will be intersting for you