Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Ok, I finish the book and boy, this book worth every penny I paid on it!

Well, what I decide to do is separate my entire work in modules and delivery every one on vim.org after I finish it.

The modules that I want to do are:

Visual Marks: use 'sign' command to create visual marks automatically when we get an error, a warning or just a info (i.e. TODO, FIXME, etc) on quicklist (i.e. when use :make command). Also this plugin should allow user to create persistent bookmarks on vim, this way he/she can bookmark a given line on a given file, close vim, open it again and by menu (gVim) or command go right through that bookmark that he/she previously save.

TextMate snippets: I know that there are some plugins that claim to do just that, but my proposal is to create a plugin that reads each snippet from a file that has it syntax exactly like what TextMate propose.

Project Manager: This plugin will be the biggest and most difficult one. As its name says it will control solutions, files, and whatever I found interesting.

Project Tags: This will be the last plugin and it will control the ctags' tag creation to each file of the project.

Well, right now I started the Visual Marks plugin and when I have something that works as I expect that the hole plugin works, I'll publish the file here. In the mean time keep following the blog to get updates about the project.

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